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Quick Vac

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Introducing the Spa Vacuum - Quick Vac, the hassle-free solution for cleaning your spa or hot tub. Quick Vac is designed to remove debris, dirt, and other unwanted materials from your spa or hot tub, ensuring that it is crystal clear and ready for use in minutes.

  • Easy to Use: Quick Vac is incredibly easy to use. It features a simple design and no complicated setup required. Simply attach it to a standard garden hose, turn it on, and use the easy-glide wheels to guide it around the hot tub or spa, removing all debris while you clean.
  • Versatile: Quick Vac is versatile and effective in cleaning any size or type of spa or hot tub. Its compact and lightweight design allows it to reach and clean all corners and areas of the spa, irrespective of their size or shape.
  • Efficient: Quick Vac is efficient and quick in cleaning your spa or hot tub, allowing you to save time and enjoy your relaxation oasis sooner. Its powerful suction removes dirt, debris, and other materials, ensuring that your spa or hot tub is crystal clear.
  • Eco-Friendly: Quick Vac is designed to be eco-friendly and conserve water. Unlike other pool vacuums, Quick Vac does not require electricity or batteries to operate, reducing waste and pollution. Additionally, it uses water pressure from a standard garden hose to create a siphon, helping to minimize water usage.
  • Durable: Quick Vac is made with high-quality materials, making it durable and built to last.
  1. Remove the Quick Vac from the packaging and assemble the vacuum as per instructions.
  2. Attach the Quick Vac to a standard garden hose.
  3. Adjust the water pressure to the desired level.
  4. Place the Quick Vac on the surface of the hot tub or spa water.
  5. Move the Quick Vac around the hot tub or spa, and the debris will be vacuumed into the attached filter bag.
  6. Once youve cleaned the entire hot tub or spa, turn off the water and empty the filter bag.
  7. Rinse and dry the Quick Vac, and store it for future use.
  8. Quick Vac - the ideal cleaning solution for your spa or hot tub, is versatile, efficient, and eco-friendly. Its easy to use design, powerful suction, and built-to-last construction ensure that your hot tub or spa stays clean and ready for relaxation whenever you are. Upgrade your spa maintenance routine today with Quick Vac and enjoy a crystal clear and healthy hot tub or spa experience.

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