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About Coast Spas

Welcome to Coast Spas! We've been creating innovative and customer-pleasing hot tubs, swim spas and Coast Freshe Cold Plunge for almost 30 years. Our Canadian based company is located in Langley, British Columbia, and we craft high-quality hot tubs, swim spas and cold plunges in our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. As one of the leading manufacturers globally, we're proud to export our spas to over 50 countries worldwide. We've earned numerous awards, including the prestigious Consumers Digest Best Buy award, thanks to our focus on innovation and design.

We understand that each of our customers has unique needs and desires, which is why we've designed our hot tubs, swim spas and cold plunges to meet a variety of needs, from relaxation and stress relief to therapy and rehabilitation. Our spas can improve circulation, skin health, and immune systems while promoting weight loss, flexibility, and better sleep.

Our hot tubs, swim spas and cold plunges are perfect for year-round use, personal retreats, socializing, and entertaining. They are built with cutting-edge technology and unparalleled quality, which has earned us the reputation of being the “World’s Best Built Spas”.

Our mission is to provide the ultimate hot tub, swim spa and cold plunge experience worldwide. We’re also committed to contributing to a sustainable environment. Our products are not only elegant and functional, but they're also energy efficient. We use energy-efficient manufacturing processes and materials to reduce energy consumption and minimize our carbon footprint.



To create the ultimate spa experience by providing the highest quality, most innovative, and energy-efficient products in the industry. We are committed to promoting health and wellness, fostering personal and family time.

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Promote Continuous growth through improvements and innovation. Empower and engage team members through clear and open communication. Value and respect everyone's diversity, dignity and right to a safe workplace. Abide by high quality standards to build the world's best built spas that enhance the lives and wellness of our customers.

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To enhance the health and well-being of every individual across the globe , both currently and for forthcoming generations.

Why Choose Coast Spas: Innovation, Excellence, and Global Recognition

Our commitment to excellence has been recognized worldwide. We have been listed as a top brand in the UK's leading hot tub buyer’s guide, WhatSpa?, since 2010. We have also received the 5 Star - Best of Class award for three years. As a proud Gold Sponsor of The Arthritis Society, we are dedicated to supporting health and wellness. Additionally, we have been honored with the Langley Chamber of Commerce Business Excellence Award and were nominated for the City of Langley's Organizing Committee Environmental Hero Award. Our hot tubs were voted the Best Hot Tub Spa in's Reader's Choice Awards and so many more.

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Customer Voices

This is just a note to express my appreciation of our Coast Spa. I have had chronic back pain for many years, to a point where my husband and I were referred to a back specialist in Vancouver. The surgeon examined my spinal x-rays and explained that there was little that could be done to ease my discomfort, short of a prolonged and complicated operation. However, the doctor felt that I could expect some relief if I could spend some time in a hot tub, or more preferably, a spa. With this knowledge in hand, we began shopping for a spa of our own.
The Coast Spa unit we purchased has provided me with the pain relief that I was seeking. Hopefully, my back surgery will be postponed for many years to come. Once again, that you for your excellent service and pass along my thoughts to the manufacturer of these fine spas.

- B Nixon, Vancouver

I have owned my hot tub now for almost two years. I had many questions before I made my purchase. “How much of my time would be spent maintaining it? How difficult would it be to keep the water chemically balanced?”
These and all my other questions were answered very knowledgably. I’m very grateful for the help provided by you and your staff. It truly is every bit as easy as you said it would be to maintain. I spend less than 15 minutes a week maintaining my investment. By keeping up with maintenance, I’m sure my chemical costs are as low as they can be. I’m sure I spend more on my daily fix of Tim Horton’s coffee in a year than I spend on chemicals for my hot tub!
The customer service from you and your staff is nothing less than FIRST CLASS, and I would recommend your company to anyone without hesitation! I look forward to many more years of enjoyment out of my investment. My only regret is why I waited so long to get all the benefits and enjoyment out of owning a hot tub!!

- J Scott, Nanaimo

Just a note to let you know how much we love our spa! It’s so nice to get in after a long day.
It’s like-instant relaxation. I think Darold’s been in it every night since we got it! It’s become our evening ritual now, and I didn’t know spas could be so romantic-we light candles and play soft music and-okay I am going to stop! I wasn’t real thrilled at first when he wanted to buy one, but now I don’t know how we did without it.
We’ve just had a wonderful experience and I wanted to thank-you!

- Luann, Seattle