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Water Care Troubleshooting

Cloudy Water 

Suspended particulate matter can cause cloudy water. To keep the water sparkling clear, treat weekly with COAST SPAS CLEAR with the water circulating. If cloudy water is a constant problem, check TA, CH, and pH levels and bring into balance.

Build-up of organic contaminants: Shock treat with COAST SPAS SHOCK.
Total alkalinity too high: Add COAST SPAS pH DOWN until TA is within 100-130 ppm.
Hardness too high: Add SPA LIFE SECURE pH too high: Adjust
pH using COAST SPAS pH DOWN until 7.2-7.8.
High TDS: Empty spa and refill (have water tested).
Poor filtration: Clean cartridge with SPA LIFE FILTER FREE.

Spa Water Odor

Most unpleasant, musty odors can be removed by shocking your spa and maintaining proper sanitizer levels. A strong chlorine odor can seem like you have too much chlorine when in fact what you are smelling is used up chlorine called "combined chlorine" or "Chloramine" When chlorine is added to spa water it automatically attacks bacteria, algae and bather waste. This combined chlorine is responsible for eye irritation in swimmers and offensive ‘chlorine odour’ and has poor disinfecting properties. Combined chlorine needs to be removed or converted to ‘free chlorine’ so that we can effectively sanitize the spa.

"Shocking" the spa burns off bather waste, removes the combined chlorine and leaves free available chlorine with fresh smelling water. To Shock your spa use eiher COAST SPAS SANITIZE if sanitizer is low or COAST SPAS SHOCK (non-chlorine) if trying to quickly freshen your spa water and be able to resume use in 15 minutes. Test sanitizer levels before re-entering the spa.


Foaming can be caused by a buildup of moisturizers, shampoo and soap residues, hair products, cleansers, and even too “soft” water (low TA and CH). If foaming occurs, treat by squirting COAST SPAS DEFOAMER as needed over the surface of the water.

OTHER POSSIBLE CAUSES High concentration of oils and organic contaminants being agitated by jets or high Total Dissolved Solids. Squirt COAST SPAS DEFOAMER over foam.

Soft water: Use COAST SPAS CALCIUM BOOSTER until CH is within 150-300 ppm

Coloured Water 

If the water takes on a green or brown tint, it is probably due to metal such as copper or iron dissolved in the source water or from equipment. To remove colour and prevent staining, treat with recommended dose of COAST SPAS STAIN & SCALE. If green, yellow, pink or white Algae is present Shock treat with COAST SPAS SANITIZE and add non foaming algaecide if needed.

Scale Formation 

If white, chalky or hard residue forms on the sides of the spa, it is due to calcium carbonate scale formation. Treat with COAST SPAS STAIN & SCALE and check water balance.

High calcium level: Drain partially and add COAST SPAS STAIN & SCALE.
pH too high: Adjust pH to 7.2-7.8 by adding COAST SPAS pH DOWN.
Alkalinity too high: Adjust TA to 100-130 ppm by adding COAST SPAS pH DOWN.

Poor Filtration 

Approximately every 6 - 12 weeks the spa should be drained and the filter cleaned with COAST SPAS FILTER FREE. Heavy usage will require draining more frequently.

Filter Cartridge clogged: Remove, rinse and deep clean with COAST SPAS FILTER FREE.
Pump not operating properly: have a service technician examine the system
Skimmer basket clogged: Remove hair and other debris from skimmer basket on a regular basis