Features and Options

Our standard Ascension Baptismal model comes with all the features and options below. However, most equipment is optional to accommodate individual needs. If you have specific requirements and/or existing equipment, we can provide a very basic model to ensure that you're not purchasing anything more than you need. Head to our purchase page, fill out the form and we'll contact you and modify your order and price to conform with what you would like to see in your new Baptismal.

Design Features

  • Textured Anti-Slip Steps
  • Plexiglass Baptimal Viewing Window
  • Large Baptismal Submersion Area
  • Pre-Baptism Prayer Area
  • Plugs Into Standard North American Power Outlet
  • Quick Drain Hose with Bib
  • Standard Color: Cathedral White Marble


  • Digital Control Panel
  • Integrated Control Computer
  • Heater
  • Water Pump
  • Ozone PLUS UV Water Sterilizer Combination System


  • Steel Reinforced Acrylic Shell
  • Pressure Treated Wooden Frame




Your 'Ascension' Baptismal can be installed above-ground or flush to the floor. If above-ground is preferred - the pressure treated frame is ideal for adhering like-materials used in your Church to the sides of your new baptismal. Wide steps and large baptising area remove distractions and ackwardness from the spiritual ritual. The digitally controlled filtration cycles along with the UV/ Ozone Combination System keeps the baptismal water clean and sterilized, allowing for multiple baptisms before being required to drain and refill the water. Once your baptismal requires new water, the floor mounted drain is attached to a hose and bib that exits the main equipment area, allowing you to drain the water quickly and easily.

Manufacturing and Materials Pure Baptism - Baptismal Tanks are manufactured in BC, Canada by Coast Spas Manufacturing. Coast Spas Inc., is a world leader in portable hot tubs and swim spas and has brought their team of engineers and artisians together to create the 'Ascension' Baptismal Tank.

 Coast Spas Inc. is ISO 9001:2008 quality management certified and has many accolades and awards due to their strict manufacturing quality standards.

 As with the thousands of hot tubs that Coast Spas produces, the equipment that comes standard with the 'Ascension' Baptismal Tank and the materials used to form the shell and structure are all of the highest quality

 Questions about the manufacturing process?

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