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Baptismal Tanks, Baptismals & Baptistries

Pure Baptism Baptistries are handcrafted and assembled using the finest materials and equipment. The beautiful, seamless solid acrylic shell is reinforced with multiple layers of fiberglass that provides the strength and durability to effectively retain a pristine appearance over an entire lifetime . Not only will your Baptismal look like new for years to come, the robust internal plumbing, electrical systems and equipment are designed to withstand even the harshest exterior conditions. An innovation resulting from a collaboration between Church representatives and top designers & engineers from the hot tub industry, the 'Ascension' Baptismal Tank is a modern, robust and beautifully designed vessel for baptism ceremonies. Please contact us with any questions you may have, or go here to purchase your Baptimal Tank today.

'Ascension' Baptismal Tank

Measuring over ten feet long, 36 inches wide and 40 inches deep the 'Ascension' baptismal tank can fit easily in most Churches. It’s light white acrylic color and completely fiber glassed shell provide a beautiful and durable baptism tank for your ceremonies. A digital panel controls the heater and filtration cycles and a built-in purification system keeps the water pristine. Water temperature can be adjusted from 80 degrees up to 104 degrees. Plugs into standard North American power outlet.