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Energy Consumption Calculator

* Energy consumption may vary significantly with ambient environmental temperature, frequency of use, filtration settings and the use of other hot tub features including temperature controls, circulating jets, and waterfalls. Test procedures and data collection is based on the test method for Portable Electric Spas stipulated in Section 1604, Title 20, California Code of Regulations, amended on December 3, 2008. CEC testing parameters require that all units listed are tested in a third party or CEC approved laboratory, under a controlled environment with an ambient air temperature of 60(15.6 ℃)±313℉ and hot tub water temperature of 102(38.9 ℃)±213℉, with “5” x 3” Weathershield hot tub cover and Full Foam Insulation” on for a continuous 72 hours, and in compliance with ANSI/APSP/ICC-14 2011 and IAPMO filtration and water turnover requirements.

* Our energy cost calculator provides an estimate of the energy consumption and associated costs of using our hot tub. These calculations are not exact and may vary due to factors such as regional energy rates, usage patterns, and environmental conditions. The Energy Consumption Calculator is meant to serve as a general guideline and should not be relied upon as the definitive source for determining precise energy costs. Actual energy usage and resulting bills may differ from the calculated values. Coast Spas will not be liable for any discrepancies or final bills.