Load image into Gallery viewer, All Weather Woodgrain Charcoal 3T Spa Step
Load image into Gallery viewer, All Weather Woodgrain Charcoal 3T Spa Step
Load image into Gallery viewer, All Weather Woodgrain Charcoal 3T Spa Step

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All Weather Woodgrain Charcoal 3T Spa Step

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Luxury Apex Curve Lounge Features

Raised Curve Back - Wind Protection and Privacy Wall

The raised back of our Curve and Cascade models shelter you from the wind as well as provide a private area in your Spa. The raised back also allows proper placement of our 24" inch waterfall so the water will cascade over your shoulders like a warm blanket.

Shiatsu Massage Nodules 

These tiny massage nodules are formed right into your spas acrylic allowing for water to move between your skin and the acrylic surface. The size and spacing of these ingenious nodules create a unique hydrotherapy experience that is more like resting on a cloud as our massage jets melt away the tension in your muscles.

Self-Cleaning Sweeper Jet™ 

The Sweeper Jet is positioned near the spa floor with its fan-like nozzle aimed downwards, and is automatically activated on daily filtration cycles. The sweeper jet blows all the particles resting on the floor of your Spa up and into the moving water to then enter the filtration system.

Hydro Cyclonic Filtration System® - 175 sq ft Dual Core Filter 

In North America it is law for any commercial establishment to have a closed pressurized filtration system on any public pool or Hot Tub. Not only is it more efficient and faster than a skim filtration system but it also removes the dirty filter canisters from the bathing area.

24" Fusion Waterfall

At one time waterfalls were just to add soothing sounds and a relaxing ambiance to your Spa. Coast Spas® changes that by putting you into the waterfall, giving you a feeling of pure relaxation and complete tranquility. 

XL Touchscreen Controls 

Color Touch Screen Controls. This easy-to-use control panel features a large multilingual color LCD interface with intuitive icons and animations. There are no buttons to press, just touch the feature you want to control on the touch sensitive screen.

Streaming Water Ropes - Laminars

Provides the soothing sound of running water. Adds a stunning look to the profile of the Spa.

Quick-Access Equipment Door (secure dual-lock system) 

Dual locks provide security to your spa's equipment. Coupled with an easy access entry door, you can access your equipment without having to remove screws or side panels making servicing and inspection a breeze.

Volcano Jet with Dedicated Hand Control

Extremely powerful and therapeutic. The Coast Spas Volcano Jet is installed near the bottom of the Spa and points upward to the surface. This jet is so powerful that it comes standard with its very own diverter valve so that power can be diverted to adjust the intensity. 

Trillium Stainless Steel Massage Jets | 65 

Our Luxury Trillium Jets. Luxury Trillium Jets are made to deliver the ultimate hydrotherapy experience. These jets are designed to look incredible against the spa acrylic with smooth lines, multiple textures all wrapped within a stylish stainless steel housing.

Extreme® Power'sage Zone

Two powerful deep tissue jets where you need them most, targeting areas where we most commonly feel tension.

Extreme XL Water Diverters 

Extreme XL Water Diverters . Divert the flow of water to specific seats in your Spa. LED lit (with and installed lighting package) and easy to both grip and turn with it's unique large shape.

Air Controls with lighting

Allow air to mix with the water being supplied to your massage jets. Rotate the controls to customize the amout of air introduced into the spa jets. The result is a customized massage hydrotherapy experience.

Standard Features

MultiColor 7” Stainless Steel Frosted Light Dome  

Long lasting, bright and energy efficient. Features a stainless steel ring that wraps around a large frosted glass dome.

Waterline Max Lighting Package  

Lit waterline, topside, air & water controls with lit water features. Twelve vibrant points of light positioned just under the waterline. Topside controls, water features and air and water controls are also lit with multicolor customizable lights.

O3One Ozone + EcoClean UV + Crystal Clear Purification Chamber® 

O3 One Advanced Plasma Discharge Ozone plus Ecoclean™ UV Sterilizer which uses ultraviolet light that is calibrated to a specific light spectrum to effectively eradicate 99.9 percent of all bacteria that is exposed to it. UV sterilization systems have long been used for purifying drinking water and now it's sterilization prowess can be used to effectively purify your Spa water. Includes Crystal Clear Purification Chamber®

AquaSole™ Foot Massage Jet (x2)  

The AquaSole Massage jets are two large ”foot massage” jets in the footwell or in the floor of many of our models that provide gentle and rhythmic massage from the top of your toes, through the arch and to the bottom of your heals. 

Foam Core Insulation XL

Add additional Foam to insulate your Hot Tub and conserve energy usage. This foam package partically fills the space between the inside of the cabinet to the inside wall of the spa acrylic. For the ultimate insulation choose the Full Foam insulation option.

EcoAir Vents 

This innovative feature protects your Spa from freezing and overheating by automatically opening and closing to control the temperature within the equipment area. EcoAir vents require no direct power and feature an attractive louvered grill to discourage rodents. Easily installed and mechanically simple, this feature offers huge value and protection to your Spa for a very low price. Not Available on Slate Cabinets.

Coast Connect™ Universal Fitting  

Connection that is installed in the floor of your Spa. The Coast Connect Universal Fitting allows you to connect and disconnect Coast Connect Accessories. When not in use, the Coast Connect Universal Fitting serves as both an underwater light (when a lighting package is installed) and a unique water-only foot massage jet.

Coast Guard Bottom  

Spas with the Coast Guard Bottom have a nearly indestructible base that offers the very best protection against moisture penetration. Moisture penetration can have adverse affects on the the structural and electrical components of your Hot Tub.

Coast Status + ControlMySpa + Refresh Button  

Coast Status + ControlMySpa + Refresh Button

Spa Comfortors

Plush Headrests

Our luxurious headrests allow you to enjoy the ultimate in comfort while in your Coast Spa. Cradling your head allows you to release the tension from your neck maximizing the benefit of your hydrotherapy.

Anti-Slip Textured Floor

Allows for ease of entrance and exit and provides secure freedom of movement while in your Spa.

Beverage Holders

With a multiple cup holder integrated into your Hot Tub, you never need to be too far away from your beverage.

Multi-Level Seating

Allows for people of all heights to find a comfortable spot in the Spa. Raised seating is ideal to be used as a "cool down seat" by elevating your heart out of the water you're able to cool down quickly and enjoy more time in our Spa.

Large Footwells

Large deep footwells providing extra space. This feature is only found in high-end hot tubs.

Ergonomic Seating

Using the latest in research and development all seating is designed to cradle your body and allow for the optimal jet placement.

Programmable Filtration

Instead of using a dedicated pump for filtration that runs 24 hours per day 365 days a year, these jet pumps filter the Spa water at user defined intervals using the power of full sized jet motors to quickly filter the Spa in a mere fraction of the time that it would take a small circulation pump to do the same job. 

Non-Float Lounger

Our ergonomically designed non-float lounger allows you to put your feet up while enjoying a complete massage and limits the ability for you to "float out" of your seat.